On the New Silk Road

„I’m a perpetually traveling writer and documentary filmmaker who focuses on New Silk Road development. I’ve been on the road since ’99, reporting from over 90 countries. I am the author of „On the New Silk Road,“ which tells the story of the three years that I spent traveling across Eurasian on the various corridors of the New Silk Road / Belt and Road.“ Wade Shepard

Wade Shepard, On the New Silk Road:

Voices from the Belt and Road

„Voices of the Belt & Road tells the stories of people that are part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It demystifies the initiative by enabling you to listen to the voices of experts and policy-makers, but also the very people affected by the initiative day in and day out.“ Belt & Road Advisory

Voices from the Belt and Road:

The Belt and Road Podast

„A podcast that covers the latest news, research and analysis of China’s growing presence in the developing world.“ Erik Myxter-iino and Juliet Lu

Belt and Road Podcast:

Panda Paw Dragon Claw

„This blog is started by those who aspire to tell a better story about China’s involvement beyond its borders. We are journalists, campaigners, analysts, scholars and practitioners with years of experience navigating Chinese politics, bureaucracy, finance and their ramifications overseas.“ Ma Tianjie, Editor

Panda Paw Dragon Claw Blog: